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I'm a devout believer, wife to Keith Avery, Mama to two, pelvic physical therapist, and motherhood wellness coach. 

Mama, if you’re struggling with your wellness, I can tell you that I understand. I walked around in “survival mode” for far too long, and was in denial about many of my mental health issues during my postpartum seasons. I miscarried my first baby and had a difficult and stressful pregnancy with my first daughter. Increased stress levels, weight gain, Braxton Hicks from 30 weeks on, back pain... you name it... I had it. I planned for a spontaneous, natural birth for weeks that did not work out as planned. Instead, I ended up with preeclampsia and an induction at 41 weeks,1 day.

Postpartum came and I was so unprepared. I experienced extreme perineal pain, insomnia, night sweats, bipolar disorder, anxiety, OCD, breastfeeding difficulties and oversupply, relationship and body image issues, and suicidal thoughts. My health care providers and my family did not have the resources to help me. 


Throughout my daughter’s first year of life, I struggled with constant sleep deprivation and postnatal depletion. I found out I was pregnant with my son on my daughter’s first birthday. My son’s postpartum experience went a little smoother, but I did struggle with what I now recognize as postpartum anxiety and postpartum depression.

My period returned when I started weaning my son and my mental fog began to lift. It got me thinking about how important the mind-body connection, hormonal health, and the motherhood transition really is. It made me wonder how different my story would have been if I knew what I know now.

I felt a calling to serve mothers, to provide education for the postpartum experience, and essential wellness strategies for one of the most difficult but life giving transitions of becoming a mother.


I believe postpartum is forever, but dysfunction doesn’t have to be. I believe that the American expectations placed on mothers are unrealistic and unacceptable. Many practices in the medical community regarding postpartum care need to change. I challenge you to accept the mentality that many symptoms are common, but they are not normal, and they do not have to be your new norm, just because you have had a baby. 

I hate the stigma surrounding mental illness and I never want moms to feel isolated because of the thoughts or feelings she may experience.

This is why I share my story with you. I believe that taking a proactive, holistic approach to postpartum health is what best serves my community of mothers to prevent perinatal mood disorders, mental health issues, and heal completely after birth physically through pelvic floor therapy.

I hope to mother the mother through my service as a pelvic physical therapist and wellness coach. I’m praying over your postpartum experience and your motherhood journey. We all know moms run the world.

The Lord is calling. And I am listening to His call.

Dr. Logan Spacek, PT, DPT


Do you relate to this?

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