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My story began with the birth of my first son.

I was already a physical therapist at this point with some training in pelvic floor but was not currently practicing in the specialty. After a challenging, long apartment home birth experience, I gave birth to a beautiful boy who weighed in at 9 pounds, 8 oz. I was caught off guard by the pelvic dysfunction I experienced after birth. I falsely assumed that I would be immune to this given my background. I ended up suffering chronic pelvic pain and a laundry list of pelvic floor issues for 6 months after birth. The physical debility was tough, but the emotional havoc it wreaked was just as hard. The message that I saw on my Instagram feed was how amazing my body is for having birthed a baby and that motherhood is so lovely.


But, I felt so broken and as if my body had betrayed me.

Despite extensive training as a doctor of physical therapy, there was still so much unknown to me about the reality of postpartum. And if I was struggling…how many moms who don’t have medical training feel the same, or even worse? 


I eventually experienced healing and restoration through pelvic PT and was convinced that this was the direction I was going to take my career. I knew I was called to help mothers achieve lasting results and COMPLETE healing after birth.


As I began brainstorming how I could most effectively help moms postpartum,


I knew I had to make it EASY for them to get treatment, provide personal accompaniment, and address the whole person as a woman goes through so many orthopedic changes in pregnancy and then in postpartum as she adjusts to all these new functional activities of breastfeeding, changing diapers, losing sleep, and caring for a newborn. It’s more than just the pelvic floor when it comes to rehab after birth.

I believe in addressing the entire person from head to toe as pelvic dysfunction is only restored completely through a holistic approach. 

I also know that once postpartum, always postpartum, and I enjoy helping moms who are even several years from birth. It’s never too late to orient the body towards healing.

While we sacrifice A LOT in motherhood, we don’t have to sacrifice our pelvic floor function.

So, as a fruit of prayer and with the steadfast support and daily coaching from my amazing husband, I launched Dallas Pelvic Health in the summer of 2019. In order to care for moms the way I believe is best and most effective, I created a cash-pay practice treating mothers with a holistic approach from head to toe. I maintain the additional option of virtual appointments for women whose current story means home is best.


The whole business has been a bold, creative effort thus far and I hope my practice blesses many moms with more prepared births and beautiful recoveries.

Leaning into His anointing,

Dr. Chelsea, PT, DPT


Do you relate to this?

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