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Welcome to the DPH Blog!

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

I am excited to offer information to you through this blog to enhance your lifestyle!

What is Dallas Pelvic Health?

Dallas Pelvic Health is a Pelvic Physical Therapy Practice owned and operated by Dr. Chelsea Harkins. She is a doctor of physical therapy specializing in pelvic health. She treats prenatal and postpartum moms exclusively and believes that once postpartum, always postpartum and enjoys helping moms who are even several years from birth. She provides holistic, personalized treatments to help moms meet the physical demands of motherhood and anything else they want to do whether that’s barre class, yoga, running, walking, or a sport. She takes pride in her treatment cornerstone of “Restoring homeostasis of God’s design.”

“I truly believe and can testify to the fact that birth is the pinnacle of female physiology and women are truly designed for this task and are also brilliantly designed to heal and restore completely afterward.” –Dr. Chelsea

Who is Dr. Chelsea Harkins?

My story began with the birth of my first son. I was already a physical therapist at this point with some training in pelvic floor work but not currently working in the field. You can read more about me here.

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