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Pelvic PT and Endometriosis

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

I just want to share anecdotally what I have seen with women with endometriosis.

First, I have to give a huge shout out to NaPro Technology and the BRILLIANT physicians that practice out of Whole Life Authentic Care. This is fertility medicine at its finest truly helping couples find root causes to infertility and achieve pregnancy by restoring women to optimal health with their cycles. They use methods that completely cooperate with the woman's body opposed to many other gynecological methods that suppress and in some cases damage the woman's reproductive system. NaPro technology is incredibly individualized as the woman is taught through Creighton Model Systems how to chart the objective signs of her cycle. What NaPro has to offer is an incredibly individualized, evidence based, procreative approach to fertility care that respects the woman's body in philosophy and in practice. They can help with an array of reproductive issues, but I’m just going to share what I have found serving women undergoing NaPro care with endometriosis.

With endometriosis, a woman will have extra tissue growing outside of the uterus. This builds up each cycle, and can wreak havoc on a woman’s health causing so many issues from SIBO, gut issues, infertility, debilitating periods, pelvic pain, etc.

While a woman is working with her NaPro doctor to discover the best course of action for her healing, in my scope of pelvic PT, what I find is that these women will typically have a fascial pull to one side of the body. This happens because of the way that the endometriosis has grown inside the abdominal cavity. This is significant because the extra tissue is growing relatively close to the navel which is close to where most people’s center of gravity is. With fascial pulls originating from this center of gravity, the kinetic chain either up or down can then become privy to imbalance and dysfunction. I usually notice a pattern that extends throughout the length of the kinetic chain (from the jaw down to their feet). It will be a pattern of weakness and/or restriction that tends to be right or left only.

Upon internal assessment, the cervix will generally be tilted the direction of the pattern. And, if she has a diagnostic laparoscopy, the results will usually come back with a majority of the endo growing along one side (the same side as the biomechanical patterns found).

I love when physicians include pelvic PT in the holistic care of their patients with endometriosis, because what I can do is address this biomechanical pattern and fascial pull to reduce impairments and pain that was caused by the endo in the first place but isn’t actually “endo” pain. That way when they receive gold standard excision surgery from a NaPro surgeon, women are not persisting in pain from a biomechanical origin, hence their healing is more complete.

If you have suffered with issues surrounding your fertility and hormones, please know these amazing physicians exist. They will hear you and provide individualized treatments...never a band aid type approach. They believe the woman's reproductive system is brilliantly designed by the Creator, and have devoted themselves to understanding this brilliant and complex design.

"Women now have an opportunity to know and understand the causes of the symptoms from which they suffer."


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